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Sunday, 9 March 2008

About Us

Hello! My name is James Pocklington to give you some idea of my age this is me on the far right playing cards with my Mum and 2 brothers, and yes caravans really did look like this, and no, we are not at a 50's theme park.
My Dad would have taken the photo but I'm not sure where my sister is?!

In the early sixties my Mum and Dad ran a small garage in Saltfleetby on the east coast of Lincolnshire, and by the late seventies they had created a thriving business selling Renault cars & vans throughout Lincolnshire. They were both well known and loved members of the local community but sadly neither of them lived long enough to see retirement .

I have spent all of my working life in the Motor Trade working in the family business, with a short spell in Australia, until I worked at Nunns of Grimsby from 1993 to 2006.

Anyway this is all very interesting but what's it got to do with Jolley's Kitchen?

Well, for a start the name. My middle name is Olley which was my Mum's maiden name, and was given to me to continue on the family name. I resisted the temptation to pass it on to my children, which in hindsight I regret (although my lovely offspring are quietly pleased I didn't bless them with it).

I'd often thought I'd like to use the name in business some how, So J Olley became Jolley's.

I decided that I wanted a fresh challenge that would contribute to improving the environment. After much soul searching I took the momentus step to abandon security and launch myself into the perils of self employment! That was in 2007. In 2010 I can say I haven't regretted it for one moment.

Jolley's Kitchen was originally launched with this aim

  • "To produce convenient and nutritious vegetable foods using locally sourced organic produce wherever possible".

I'm pleased to say that this aim has been realised and  I have been successfully selling my produce throughout the region's farmers markets and outdoor events.

There is no doubt in my mind that, as a nation, our attitude and habits with the food we consume will undergo a massive shift in the next decade. There are many pressures which will slowly change the where, what and why of the national food supply.

There will be a greater demand for balanced nutritious foods for health reasons, similarly there will be increasing consumer interest in the environmental impact of the food that arrives on the nations platter. More questions will be asked regarding the transportation of food and oil based chemical usage in food production.

As the need for solutions becomes more imperative I am sure that common sense will prevail. I believe the apathy the majority of consumers have shown to the food they eat will be lost in favour of a more thoughtful selection of dietary content and source. The food industry will respond to this and we, and our environment, will benefit.

Ahh, that feels better! Now we're getting to the heart of the matter.

I want to be a part of this change by offering consumers the opportunity to purchase locally produced healthy vegetable based foods.

Now why just veg? Well I have a friend named Theresa, Theresa is a lovely lady who has lived for the last 20 years excluding all products that have been derived in any way from animals. I have been inspired by her passion for food that is totally plant based. The ingredients and technique aren't difficult, if anything it seemed easier and less risky and I began to question the need for animal products in foods at all.

The choice to reject animal exploitation is predominantly an ethical one, however there is also a practical argument for a gradual shift towards plant based foods for the global population. There is increasing evidence that environmental damage caused by the worlds livestock is going to accelerate dramatically as the eastern world emulates the meat eating habits of the west.

As I developed products for Jolley's Kitchen it became apparent that there is a demand for pure foods from consumers that cannot tolerate additives, preservatives, dairy, wheat or gluten and require low salt content.

The first soup I made was produced to maximise the vegetable content, so by definition it had to be free of any additives. I have continued this principle through all of the foods, mainly because as a small producer I can adapt recipes easier than large producers. The result of this is that my foods can be enjoyed by a wider group of consumers...makes sense doesn't it?

I have deliberately avoided marketing the range of foods as vegetarian because that seems to isolate a large number of consumers who react negatively to the vegetarian concept. It might be a naive goal but I aim to make my foods an enjoyable option for even the most committed meat eater.

Food is a very competitive business and taste a very subjective matter. If you are interested in the principles of Jolley's and have any ideas or suggestions that would give Jolley's Kitchen a further advantage in the market place I would be delighted to hear them.

James (Olley!) Pocklington

This is another one from the archives and its got my sister in this time! Ahh those were the days when we could all fit in one bubble car... we'd need one each now!

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